Why your cake business needs a website [Guest Post]

Why your cake business needs a website

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Kirsty is a baker turned branding and website designer for small and home-based baking businesses. She’s also the guru behind Cake Pricing Plus, a baker’s dream tool for pricing cakes quickly and simply with an interactive cake pricing calculator! Check out her website at www.bakethishappen.com.

Why your cake business needs a website and what it can do for you! Find out how to grow your baking business with website, blogging and social media tips on Knead to Dough
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You’re already annoyed at me, aren’t you? ‘I don’t need a website!’ I hear you cry. You have a Facebook page with a good amount of engagement and regular orders, why bother with a website? There are actually a number of reasons and it definitely doesn’t need to be as challenging as you might think. Lot’s of business owners – of all types – think they don’t need, have time for, or have the skill set for launching a website. Let’s run through the most common misconceptions about launching your own website and hopefully assure you that it’s the next step for your business.


This is understandable, when you are constantly in the kitchen baking it’s difficult to find the time to even think about a website, let alone spend time on it. There is no denying that there is a bit of time required at the start of your website journey – whether you plan to DIY it, or employ a designer to put it together for you. However, the good news is that once you’ve spent this time at the beginning, maintaining your website will be far less time heavy and weekly updates to your gallery or blog should be all that’s required. There are also very quick one page websites which can be set up in a matter of a couple of hours, the process of which is laid out in the free download, so there is no excuse not to have some sort of website presence at the very least!



This cost involved with a website can vary vastly depending upon whether or not you will do it yourself or hire a web designer. If you do it yourself the costs will be low, but you will be spending your valuable time on it – so you have to consider if the lost hours of baking are more important to you. Using a designer can be a bit of an outlay, but it is just a one off cost and they will save you time and hopefully set you up with a perfect website for your business.

Free web-builders are available but these usually do not allow you to use your own web address (URL) such as bakethishappen.com, so it’s best to avoid these if you can. WordPress and Squarespace websites will usually cost you less than £10 per month and buying your own URL is often around £5-10 for a full year.


Facebook is hugely popular but the first thing people do when they want to find out more about…well, anything, is ‘Google it’. Your dedicated business website is more likely to show up on a Google results page than your Facebook business page is – all because of some complicated search engine optimisation. Another thing to consider is, although it looks as though Facebook is here to stay for a while longer, what happens when it’s no longer about, or no longer popular? With a website you will always have a space to showcase your work, share prices and allow customers to contact you. It can also reflect your brand and show off exactly what you are about and what potential customers expect when they work with you.



You’re a baker, not a web designer so unless you happen to be wonderfully multi-talented I don’t imagine you’re too confident in building your very own website from the ground up. If you’ve decided that you’re not in a position to invest in a web designer then fear not, there are excellent DIY options out there.

Using a web builder can be a great, budget saving solution for new businesses and many of the builders come with professional looking templates. It is also possible to purchase excellent themes to be used with WordPress to give you a powerful blogging website with a more bespoke design. Each situation is different but in my experience websites that will include an active blog will work best with WordPress and Squarespace, sites that are looking to sell physical or digital products are easiest to produce on Squarespace but other builders such as Wix and Weebly also integrate sales pages and plug-ins can be used on WordPress to seamlessly integrate a shop, they just take a little more techy know how.

I recommend doing a little research on the topic, most builders will offer a free trial so you can get a feel for it before you make a financial commitment.


So I hope that you’re now feeling super confident to kick your website fears to the side and get stuck in. To help you along the way I have a free download on offer – which is a step by step guide to creating your first Squarespace cover page website. I hope you find it very useful and if you have any questions about it please drop me an email or get in touch via social media.]

Why your cake business needs a website

Email – kirsty@bakethishappen.com
Twitter – @byKirstyM
Instagram – @bakethishappen

(Note: It might sound a little like this post is sponsored by Squarespace but I promise you it’s not. If only they DID give me commision! It’s just my personal favourite platform for websites, it’s what I use for my own website and what I recommend for my clients.)

Why your cake business needs a website [Guest Post]

2 thoughts on “Why your cake business needs a website [Guest Post]

  • July 15, 2016 at 3:33 am

    While it is true that a web presence is valuable to any business in today’s marketplace, it is equally important to have a web presence that stands out. Using DIY or template based design tools (cookie cutter) is not going to achieve the same results as a professionally designed website. Is it more expensive? Yes, and for good reason. A professional web designer, just like a professional cake decorator, knows what they are doing and how to create unique websites that stand out. If you wanted a custom decorated cake for your wedding, you wouldn’t buy a box of cake mox and a comtainer of icing to make your own cakr, or go to a grocery store bakery to save a few bucks and expect to have the wedding cake of your dreams…unless you don’t dream very big. So, why go with a DIY or template based website to he the online face of your company? Don’t you want your business to stand out? Or would you rather it blend into the faceless crowd? The old saying “You get what you pay for” is just as true in web design as it is in cake decorating.

    • July 19, 2016 at 5:47 pm

      I completely agree Robert and used a graphic designer to create my own website, but when many bakers are starting out they have a limited budget. As this is often best initially invested in baking equipment, supplies and health and safety and cake decorating courses or qualifications, many bakers need to begin with a more affordable option when it comes to their website. Choosing a theme to begin with on WordPress can be a good option and building a website on Squarespace can be tailored to your needs from the start, so while – like you – I do prefer to use a designer myself, this is not always possible immediately. I personally believe it’s better to have a smart but affordable web presence as soon as possible, moving towards a custom or more unique option when budget allows, than to not have one at all.


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