Teatime #7 Why I Blog

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This week’s focus is all about baking blogging and why I do it. Check out last week’s edition to find out why I bake.


There are three reasons why baking blogging appeals to me so much.

The first is the most obvious: I love to create. Having a blog keeps me to a schedule, so I rarely go a week without baking once or twice. Whilst that would be totally normally for me during holidays or time off, when life gets busy baking might be knocked off the list. Blogging helps me avoid that.

I know what you’re about to say. Surely blogging makes me busier? It does, but it also makes me accountable. When I say there’ll be a new recipe every Tuesday, I’m not going to let you down. Blogging keeps me creating new recipes consistently, which is both delicious, exciting, and therapeutic.

Writing is a big part of blogging and it’s something I’ve grown up loving. Now, I’m about to graduate from university and start a new job in magazine journalism, so you can guess that the content side of things is a lot of fun for me.

I love the challenge of coming up with new recipes, blogging ideas, and angles on topics. Blogging gives me a reason to do this regularly, which is good for me both personally and professionally.

Third and finally, I blog because I love to learn. To build a succesful blog with an engaged audience, you learn to use social media strategically, network and build relationships, grow a following, brand you blog appropriately. You learn to teach, to write, to take and edit high quality photographs.

This feels overwhelming to start with, but I love getting to the nitty gritty of different techniques and strategies. It’s actually become a big influence on my blogging, as you can see from all my food blogging posts! In fact, when people ask what my blog is about, I would tell you that it is about baking blogging, rather than just baking.

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What brought you to blogs? Do you use them to find recipes? Have a blog yourself? Let me know in the comments below, I love to hear your stories.

Happy baking and blogging,

Lauren x

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Teatime #7 Why I Blog
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2 thoughts on “Teatime #7 Why I Blog

  • March 13, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I couldn’t agree more! Blogging makes me more accountable as well. I also see it as good exercise; keeping a blog means that I have to write more and that I have to keep coming up with new ideas that seem attractive to a wider public. Also I just love sharing my view on the world! :p


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