Teatime #5 How to Make Shiny Ganache

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This week’s topic, Ganache, was requested over on Facebook. I’m going to share with you everything you need to know to get shiny ganache, every time.


Ganache is something I’ve had my own struggles with in the past – how to get the perfect consistency? Shiny? Professional-looking? I finally nailed it with my ganache drip Chocolate Peanut Cake recipe.

How to get shiny ganache with this Ultimate Peanut Chocolate Cake

Now I’m going to share the tips and tricks I learned along the way so that you don’t have to spend hours making ganache after ganache. I want to help you get results straight away so that you can create ganache with a glossy finish every time.

It’s actually surprisingly simple. The key to a good ganache is to heat the cream to just the right temperature, gently. You don’t want to blast the heat to get the cream up to temperature more quickly because you’ll risk it burning to the bottom, a mess and a big flavour problem. It should be making tiny bubbles but not quite boilingOnce the cream is hot enough to melt the chocolate, you’re ready to create that gorgeous glossy ganache you’re dreaming of.

What you do with the chocolate is also important. Different recipes call for different techniques including using cubes, finely chopped, or even grated chocolate. The smaller you cut your chocolate the better, because it will melt more quickly while the cream is still at the optimum temperature. For that reason, I usually opt for finely chopped or grated chocolate when I make a ganache.

Ganache has many different uses. A popular one at the moment is for chocolate drip cakes like the recipe I shared above. It’s very versatile though. If you cool it and whip it, ganache becomes a decadent and rich frosting for filling and topping cakes.

Using ganache - oreo crumb chocolate truffles

Made with a slightly different ratio of cream to chocolate and then cooled, it also becomes the filling for chocolate truffles. Test your skills with my Oreo Crumb Chocolate Truffles, a great starter recipe if you’ve not made truffles before!

How do you find making ganache? Is it easy or a challenge? I’d love to hear your tips and stories in the comments below!

Happy baking,

Lauren x

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Teatime #5 How to Make Shiny Ganache
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