Teatime #4 How to Bake with Coffee

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This week’s theme for teatime was requested over on Instagram, so we are going to be talking all things coffee.


If you spoke to me one year ago, you’d have known that I drank about 6 cups of tea a day and would only have coffee on a rare occasion. Fast forward 12 months and coffee and tea have become equals (you can thank my espresso-loving boyfriend for that!). I have a mug pretty much every morning to get my day started, but did you know it’s also great for using in your baking?

Of course, there is the celebrated Coffee and Walnut Cake to try. After tasting many many coffee cake varieties, my love affair with this traditional bake is still going just as strong. The Coffee and Caramel Cake I tried the other week at a local bakery did come pretty close though.

I’m a firm believer in experimenting with flavours in my bakes, though, so you’re in for a coffee related surprise on Tuesday when I share my next cake recipe! That’s the only glue you’re getting – you’ll have to come back and find out for yourself or sign up in the top right to have the recipe go straight to your inbox – handy!

There’s more to coffee than just its own flavour, however. You’ve probably all seen a shot of espresso or a few teaspoons of instant coffee added to recipes before, perhaps in a decadent chocolate brownie or chocolate fudge cake? Surprisingly, you won’t taste the coffee at all in the final result. Instead, the subtle coffee flavour acts as a flavour enhancer for chocolate. Adding a drop of coffee can take your chocolate based bakes to new levels with the increased intensity of flavour. Why not try it out for yourselves on my Cookie Dough Brownies recipe?

Cookie Dough Brownies

There’s more to coffee than it seems. Whilst I love a mug every breakfast, it’s definitely a flavour booster that I will be exploring in future recipes. How do you use coffee? Do you have any other tips for supercharging flavour? Share them with me in the comments below or join the conversation over on my Facebook page!

Until Tuesday,

Happy baking,

Lauren x

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Teatime #4 How to Bake with Coffee
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