Sweeten Up Your Social Media E-Guide


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This e-guide will show you how to take on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube in 5 easy steps.

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My secret? Sharing valuable in-depth blog posts to my 2,000+ social media subscribers. Save yourself time and skip the trial-and-error approach using these tips on social media for cake businesses to find more customers, give them what they want, and book out your cake business.


This social media for cake businesses e-guide is brought to you by myself and the wonderful Rebekah Allan of Angel Foods. Rebekah has kindly turned her experience with 1,100,000+ views and 9,500+ YouTube subscribers into 5 actionable steps so you can replicate her success for your own cake biz. Pretty cool, right? Did I mention she franchised her cake business nationally across Australia?!

Here's what Melissa, owner of Pipedream Celebrations, has to say:

"I'd just like to thank Lauren for offering valuable business feedback and genuine help in ways to help move my cake blog Pipedream Celebrations in the right direction. I really appreciate your time and thoughts, thanks again."

If I can help Melissa's cake business, I cake help yours too.

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