What to expect when you move your website to self-hosted

What to expect when you move your website to self-hosted

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Let’s start with a quick explanation of what self-hosted means. If you started your website for free using wordpress.com, then WordPress are hosting your website for you. The catch is that some features and plugins are unavailable to you – you can’t set up an online ordering option for your standard cakes and bakes, for example.

To get full control of your website and add in the features like online ordering, contact forms, and online calendars that would make your life much easier, you have to move to self-hosted. For WordPress, this means using wordpress.org which is free to install alongside your choice of hosting.

I personally use SiteGround and love them – my website is very rarely down, it’s one of the cheaper options at a few pounds per month, there’s a live chat service if – like me – you don’t know the first thing about tech, AND they move your existing WordPress website across for free – all done for you. For people who want low cost, low fuss website hosting, SiteGround ticks the box.  There are of course other options out there, so do your research and choose the hosting provider that best fits your needs and budget.

I’ve put together a free checklist to set up your self-hosted website which you can get HERE!

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So – what’s going to happen when you move your website to self-hosted?


Your website will be offline for a couple of days while the transfer takes place. Email existing customers and put out a message across your social media to let customers know in advance and give them an email address to contact you on so you don’t miss out on any cake orders.

Your website statistics might not transfer properly, or at all. When I moved Knead to Dough website to self-hosted earlier this year, my website stats all disappeared. If I looked on WordPress.com, I’d be getting 1 or 2 views per day (down by 100%+ at that time). Don’t panic! Your hosting provider will likely have their own stats recorder where you can view your website visits. SiteGround offer several stats options and you can see daily, weekly, monthly visitors, visits, views, hits, what times of day are most popular, what posts are most popular, and where your visitors are from geographically – all important info for your cake business!

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You’ll need to re-add your theme and widgets if you were using wordpress.com before. If you had social media buttons in your sidebar, header, or footer, you’ll need to put them back in again. Likewise for any text or images you had added and for your email sign up button.

The good news is that editing your website won’t look any different if you’ve moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, apart from any new plugins showing up in your admin sidebar. Once you’ve moved your website to self-hosted, you can edit it by going to your domain name (website address) with /wp-admin added on the end. Login and you’ll be away – no need to learn how to use new software!

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Any questions – just ask in the comments below and I’ll be right back to help.

Lauren x

What to expect when you move your website to self-hosted
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