Pesto Swirl Bread

Happy Friday bakers! This week I give to you a classic Pesto Swirl Bread, the savoury cousin to the Swiss Roll!

knead to dough

I ran into a little baking trouble baking on wednesday. If you were nattering with #BakersHour on Twitter this week you’ll already know that, but just in case I’ll fill you in. I wanted to make a chocolate Fougasse with a honeycomb topping. Honeycomb, check, Fougasse shape, check, chocolate? Errrr… About that. I used cocoa powder but no extra sugar and the end result was just too bitter. A chocolate drizzle came to my rescue but I think it needed some chocolate chips thrown into the mix too! I’ll keep working on it for you guys and hopefully bring you a yummy chocolate bread recipe soon 🙂 on the plus side, it did look pretty!

Knead to Dough
But in the mean time, let me share with you a more successful loaf. Two in one week AND I’m going savoury! This is big news on the Knead to Dough blog! A little nervous after the fougasse failure, I used a fabulously simple recipe from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread for this Pesto Swirl Loaf! You might remember him from Great British Bake Off a few years ago. His recipes are great 🙂 If you like the texture of this loaf, try out these French Baguettes too, they’re bound to be a winner!

I’ve popped my photos into a little collage for you to see how I got on. Brownie points for me and all of you who kneaded by hand this week! It was a wet, sticky dough so I had my first experience of the slap and pull method, so noisy and satisfying!

pesto swirl loaf

knead to dough

I’d love to know how your bakes have gone this week, has anyone else had a close scrape with their cake or have yours all been showstoppers?

Oh and before I forget, for those of you who have read this far I have a special announcement! I go home for the summer next week, which means more time for baking and a whole kitchen to myself! So to celebrate there’ll be TWO POSTS next week, one cake, one bread.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my highs and lows this week. Until next time,

Lauren x

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Pesto Swirl Bread
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