One reason you’re not selling many cakes (and how to fix it!)

One reason you’re not selling many cakes 

When you opened up your cake business, what did you decide to sell? If the answer is cakes, keep reading - this is why you're not selling many cakes
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When you opened up your cake business, what did you decide to sell? If the answer is cakes, keep reading, this is where your problem lies. This is why you’re not selling many cakes.

By choosing to sell cakes, you are choosing to sell any and every type of cake and decoration style under the sun. In other words, you are not selling anything specific. You are trying to sell all types of cake to every kind of person, rather than finding your niche and targeting your ideal customer specifically.

There are two reasons this won’t work:


You can’t appeal to everyone (and have it work)

If you meet someone new and they’re perfectly nice, friendly, fun, but don’t particularly have any one thing that really connects the two of you, at best, they’ll become a friend and at worst, they’ll just fizzle back away into the background and you’ll forget about them.

If you meet someone new and they have the same passion as you (whether that’s for a lifestyle, hobby, style of music, food etc), immediately you have a connection, you have something that joins the two of you, gets you excited and makes you feel like you ‘get’ each other – because you’re both involved with the same thing.

The same applies in business.

If you try to offer every single type of cake available (so you’re a novelty, wedding, patisserie and corporate cookie seller), you’re less likely to make that one strong connection with a potential customer.

If you find the right baking niche for your cake business and position yourself accordingly, when the right person (your ideal customer!) comes along, there will be no doubt as to whether you’re the right kind of baker for them. They won’t be questioning if you can deliver the type of cake they want, because they know from the start that you specialise in doing exactly that. This will fill them with confidence and make them much more likely to buy from you and pay your prices – they’ve made a connection with you and trust you to create the cake they’re imagining.

This does mean that people who don’t connect with you probably won’t become your customer, they’ll walk away and find the cake business that they connect with, but that’s not always a bad thing – they weren’t your ideal customer, so ultimately they probably wouldn’t have ordered a cake from you anyway, but they made have cost you time to reach that decision.


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You can’t build a reputation as the best for something

Part of having a niche is having a specialism, something that you are particularly good at above and beyond the other bakers in your area.

If you try to bake a bit of everything, and even if you do them all really well, it will be harder to establish yourself as the expert or the best at any of them, because your customers and potential customers won’t necessarily perceive you as a specialist in one thing when you’re trying to do everything. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly easier and quicker to build a brilliant reputation for one baking niche (celebration cakes, patisserie, corporate cakes being examples) than for all of them combined.

Word of mouth (and social media love, the online equivalent) still is an enormous driver of cake sales for so many cake businesses that having a quality reputation really is important to your cake baking success.


The two things to take away:

  • Find your niche – what do you want to stand out for? What is there a demand for? What can you do differently to others in your area?
  • Find your ideal customer – who exactly will want to buy your niche of cakes? Who are you trying to appeal to? What is their average day like? What will really click with them, their worries, their challenges?



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What can you do to improve your connection with customers and make not selling many cakes a problem of the past?

One reason you’re not selling many cakes (and how to fix it!)
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