Sweet Tuesdays | No-Churn Orange Ice Cream

Silky and indulgent orange ice cream packed full of zesty zing… and it only needs THREE INGREDIENTS!

Today I’ve got something really yummy for you… No-churn orange ice cream! This is so simple to make, it only takes about ten minutes to prep and only needs THREE INGREDIENTS! Need I say more?

no-churn orange ice cream

Actually, I will, just a little bit. So often orange is only available in frozen form in yoghurt or sorbet. These do have a place in my heart, they’re so refreshing and zingy. But sometimes I just want to feel decadent, and this no-churn orange ice cream hits that spot perfectly! Here is the recipe so you can be the judge of it yourselves.

Tin of condensed milk (397g)
Large tub of double cream (800ml)
Zest of two oranges
Juice of one orange
no-churn orange ice cream

Mix the orange zest and juice with the condensed milk.

no-churn orange ice cream

Beat the double cream in a stand or hand mixer until it forms soft peaks. You’ll want to keep an eye on it because it only takes a few extra seconds to over whip and believe me, you’ll miss the smooth texture!

no-churn orange ice cream

Fold the double cream into the orange mixture and add any extra colouring you might like. If the whipped cream isn’t combining perfectly with the folding, don’t turn to your wooden spoon! Beating will take away so much of the air you’ve just whipped in, making your finished ice cream so much less smooth and indulgent. Instead, grab your traditional hand whisk and give it a beat yourself. You’re unlikely to overbeat it this way (no one likes grainy cream) and it’ll get those last lumps out.

Now is the time to add in any extra fillings, this orange no-churn ice cream would be delicious with a Nutella ripple through it or even just chocolate chips! My mum also suggested adding some candied peel for extra texture and orangey-ness! If you like the sound of that, keep your eyes peeled for my orange chai tea bread coming to you on Friday!

no-churn orange ice cream

Pour your ice cream into a freezer proof container and freeze, preferably overnight but about 6 hours will do if you’ve forgotten the night before.

Serve in cones, dishes or (if you’re easily tempted like me) straight from the tub and enjoy this cooling but indulgent no-churn orange ice cream! Another nice idea might be to pop them in little biscuit cups, chocolate or citrus flavours would work beautifully.

no-churn orange ice cream

It’s typical that the day I want to photograph this orange beauty, I can’t find the household ice cream scoop!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe and this special two post Sweet Tuesday! The base double cream/condensed milk combination comes from the wonderful Jane’s Patisserie. Head on over to her blog for lots more no-churn ice cream recipes, they’re delicious! Please feel free to pin/share this recipe as long as you link back to this blog and follow me on Facebook 🙂

Happy baking and until Friday,

Lauren x

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Sweet Tuesdays | No-Churn Orange Ice Cream
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