Why Monetising Your Baking Blog Doesn’t Have to Mean Ad Networks

Why Monetising Your Blog Doesn’t Have to Mean Ad Networks

Why monetising your baking blog doesn't have to mean ad networks. Knead to Dough talks affiliate income, sponsored posts, products and courses, coaching, virtual workshops, recipe development, and more! Find out how to earn money blogging about baking on Knead to Dough

Ad networks are often bloggers first port of call when you start monetising your blog, regardless of your niche. If you have consistently high traffic, then they can be a great way to earn money from your blog, particularly if you blog within a niche that advertisers pay highly for.

For most of us bloggers, though, it takes a heck of a long time to build up high enough traffic to generate a good income from Ad networks alone. For this reason, I would recommend using Ads as a supplementary source of income from your blog rather than the majority.

Adverts can be annoying. We’ve all been to websites which are slow to load, then when we finally get the page we wanted it’s full of distracting Ads as pop-ups or in the sidebar. This can irritate your readers, so decide carefully whether the Ads are subtle enough to fit in consistently with your blog, and whether they’ll make your page load speed too slow.

There are other options!


Just because a lot of bloggers turn to advertising first, doesn’t mean you should.

Do you want to follow the crowd, or do you want to see how much money your blog could really make?

Maybe your blog is just a platform for you to showcase your love for all things created in the kitchen. If that’s the case, why not work with brands to create sponsored recipes and posts or offer freelance recipe development? If you can do it successfully for your own blog, you can do it successfully for other people too.

If you run a cake business or share original recipes on your baking blog, you could create an e-Book of your own recipes to sell online (through Amazon, for example). Monetising your blog through creating your own paid-for online products (as well as paid-for cakes for your cake biz) can diversify your income streams giving you more financial security. If the cake orders are slow for a week, your e-Book sales can help to balance it out.

Another way to diversify your income is with a simple affiliate marketing strategy. This means you promote products or services you like within your blog posts using an affiliate link. When someone clicks your link and buys the product or service, you get a commission.  For example, you could write about setting up your cake business and include an affiliate link to some of the equipment you bought and loved. You’ll need a disclaimer for this.

Maybe you love the blogging community you have created on your cake website, so you want to be the mastermind. If you’ve got a thriving group of people all engaged with your website, you could be the person behind a new annual meet-up event which you can sell tickets to. Extend that community and see where it takes you – cake fairs, workshops, guest speakers, the possibilities are endless.

On that note, if teaching people how to bake is what really drives you and your blog, you could film video tutorials from the comfort of your own kitchen to sell online and teach the world how to create certain cakes, achieve certain decorating techniques, or master a particularly tricky aspect of baking. If it includes several lessons or covers an area of baking in detail, package your tutorial into an e-course. Patisserie, bread baking, or wedding cakes could be options for this.

Maybe you’ve found that whilst baking was the reason you first started blogging, you actually love the process of content creation and social media marketing itself. If that’s you, why not offer freelance writing or social media work? Or offer webinars to teach other bloggers and entrepreneurial bakers your skills?


There are so many ways to monetise your blog – more than I’ve even covered here – so don’t feel that ad networks are the only and best way to earn an income from your passion.


The takeaway? Ad networks might be easy to set up for many people are the easy choice when monetising your blog, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best first step. Be brave, take the plunge and create a higher value product or service if that’s your passion. A combination of income sources is a lot more secure than relying on ad networks alone to support you and your baking blog.

Happy blogging,

Lauren x

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Why Monetising Your Baking Blog Doesn’t Have to Mean Ad Networks
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