Get started marketing your cakes on Facebook in 3 steps

3 steps to get started marketing your cakes on Facebook!

Get started marketing your cakes on Facebook in 3 steps so you find your ideal customers, connect with them, build trust and get the cake orders!
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One of the most daunting things about getting started with social media for your cake business is the number of options available. Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Facebook – how do you master each of them and know which will work for you?

The key is to start with just one, try out different ideas and strategies and then measure your results. If they work and your ideal customers spend time on that social media platform, then carry on with what you’re doing. If you’re not getting a response and your customers don’t seem to use the platform, move on to another one.

Today, we’re going to start with Facebook. Lots of cake bakers have a lot of success using a Facebook page and groups to connect with their customers, even if they don’t have their own website set up! It’s also a social media platform you’re likely to already be on, so it should be familiar and easier to put a plan into place with as a result.



Whether you’re creating one from scratch or giving your existing  Facebook page an update, there are certain things it needs to include:

  • Your cake business name
  • Your USP/what kind of cakes you sell
  • A call to action to get in touch or place an order
  • Your contact details/website address – both is better!



While it’s tempting to treat your cake business Facebook page like your profile page, updating it not only with cake photos but with the highs and lows of everyday life too, remember that you need to create a professional image. Sharing photographs from your kitchen, of your sugarcraft decorations in progress or a quick live video of you spinning a finished cake on a turn table, will work well to humanise your cake business. They’ll not only show people your skills and that your cakes are quality, they’ll also show your potential customers a little bit of yourself.

People tend to connect and form relationships better with other people than with big, anonymous brands, so doing this can be a valuable way to build trust which ultimately makes people more likely to buy a cake from you and not the baker they don’t know and like so well.

This all comes with a caveat, of course. You need to post photos, videos and content that shows your cakes and cake business in a quality, professional light, so before you post a photo with a messy worktop in the background, think about it – is that really what you want your customers to see when they think of your cake business? Professionalism counts, especially on social media where it’s easy to slip into being too informal.

The trick to deciding what to post is to get into the mind of your target customer. What are they interested in and looking for? What could they relate to? What do they want to know about your cake business? It’s also worth thinking about how they want to see it: in a photograph, a video, a live video, a text-based post, a shared website page. Give your ideal customers what they want, when they want it and how they want it and you’ll be on the road to success as you promote your cake business!

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You might have heard the buzz about Facebook groups but be wondering how to make them work for your cake business. Chances are you’re involved in a baking or cake decorating group or two. You’ll know then how brilliant they are for tips and support, but how many groups are you in that your ideal customer are in too?

By joining the groups where your ideal customer spends time, you can connect with them by liking, commenting and posting to build a relationship. Help them where you can, for example if they are asking about cakes for a local event, birthday or occasion, even if it’s not asking for a supplier. You could help answer questions about serving sizes, flavours, decoration ideas and more. All of this will help to build trust and a relationship between you and the ideal customer for your cakes, making them more likely to buy a cake from you, whether now or in the future.


Marketing your cakes on Facebook isn’t only for short term sales. It’s also about building a long term relationship. One where your ideal customers become familiar with you, your cakes and your business. This puts you at the front of their minds so that the next time they or a friend need a cake, you’re the first cake maker that comes to mind. So go on, put these three steps into place, start marketing your cakes on Facebook, and set yourself up for cake success!


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How do you use Facebook for your cake business? What works and what doesn’t?


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Get started marketing your cakes on Facebook in 3 steps
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