Liebster Award Nomination!

The Liebster Award for New Bloggers!

the liebster award

I was very lucky to be nominated for the Liebster Award by almost two weeks ago now (how time flies!) and I am delighted to accept the nomination.

The award is designed to celebrate new bloggers/bloggers with under 500 followers who’s blog you really enjoy. I was thrilled to be nominated after having my blog for just over two months, it’s the best and most motivating feeling to know someone really does enjoy what I write and the recipes I share! So thank you very much bakemecrazy66!

The award, if you accept the nomination, has a few steps to complete:

1) thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them
2) 11 facts about yourself
3) answer 11 questions asked by your nominator
4) nominate 5-11 more blogs for the award
5) set them their own 11 questions!

So, here we go with 11 facts about me!

The most obvious one to throw in is that I’m a triplet! I’m also (fake) ginger and haven’t grown any taller since I was about 13… Still 5’4 though! Oh and I spent my early years living in France 🙂

My favourite thing for dinner is kedgeree and my favourite pudding is a creme brûlée. Oh and I definitely prefer the word pudding over dessert, i like the way it sounds a bit dumpy and comforting just like puddings kind of are 🙂

And now for a few non foodie facts to finish! I grew up with tons of pets so I love animals and, until I went to uni, I was a keen horse rider too. My favourite big animal is a lion. I’m obsessed with the Compare the Market meerkats too!

And now for the 11 questions!

1) I started my blog as something fun to do over the summer now I’m not busy at uni/have just finished my year as president of the Bake Society there. I’ve loved doing it, so it’s going to be more than a summer project now 🙂

2) I would love for my blog to just grow and grow and become a great recipe box that people return to and enjoy. A big part of baking for me is sharing it with friends and family and seeing their happy reactions, so I guess my aim for the blog stems from there.

3) Having a blog has made me brave enough to experiment with writing and testing (and retesting) some of my own recipes. I would never have thought I could do it without the blogging community setting me a great example!

4) I think the most challenging bake I’ve ever done was a Fraisier cake last year because until then I had never made creme patissiere before and didn’t know if it would set or all splodge out everywhere… Luckily it worked!

the liebster award

5) The thing I’d love to bake but haven’t are French Madeleines! I LOVE French baking and even have the tin for them, but have just never gotten round to using it!

6) My ideal 3 course menu would be pudding for every course, that has to exist somewhere, right?

7) My food hell is probably something involving lots of sea food. I love fish but can’t stand crab etc.

8) My last bike ride was years ago with my friend Maz, we used to cycle to keep fit.

9) Even though it’s not far from England, I’d go to Italy for my dream holiday and travel the whole way through it. I love Italian food, architecture, landscapes, lakes, vineyards, everything!

10) The last song I listened to is Automatic by Don Broco.

11) If I was stranded on a desert island, the one thing I would really want to have with me is a good book. Hours of entertainment and after you’re done you could tear out the pages and have even more fun doing origami!

So now we are on to the time where I nominate my favourite young blogs too! You don’t have to accept the nomination, but if you do just follow out the above 5 steps in a post linking back to my own blog too!

1) Cakes the Biscuit
2) Gingerbead Jenn
3) The Secret Life of a Peach
4) Twenty Something and Baking
5) Caprisserie

Here are your 11 questions:

1) What makes your blog unique/stand out?

2) How did you choose your writing style for the blog?

3) How long have you been baking for and how did you start?

4) What is your absolute favourite flavour?

5) What bake are you the most proud of and why?

6) What was the last book you read?

7) If anyone in the world could read your blog, who would you most want that to be?

8) What country’s bakes are your favourite in general?

9) What is your lifetime dream?

10) What was the last song you listened to?

11) Are you team sweet or team savoury?

That wraps up my blog post about the Liebster award! Once again thank you to for the nomination, I am absolutely thrilled you are enjoying my blog and recipes and I hope the people I have nominated can share in this excitement!

Happy baking and blogging guys!

Lauren x

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Liebster Award Nomination!
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