Sweet Tuesdays | Key Lime Pie

Enjoy the tastes of the summer with refreshing lime and lots of cream in this Key Lime Pie!

Today has been a great day. Want to know why? Those of you who check my Twitter (@kneadtodough) will already know that my Lakeland delivery arrived and with it came the 23cm loose-bottomed tin that is so perfect for a key lime pie. The other reason is because I’m officially home for the summer, which means AN EXTRA BLOG POST EVERY WEEK creating all things sweet… #SweetTuesdays

key lime pie knead to dough

To kick it off, my boyfriend and I made this gorgeous Key Lime Pie! How have we both gone so long without trying one of these?! The summery zesty flavours and cream are an instant success. We used a great recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible for this because it was quick and easy and the biscuit base didn’t even need baking! I love Mary’s recipes because you know if you follow the steps your bake will match the picture you’re aiming for perfectly, and that is such a satisfying feeling. You’ll probably see more from this book, it really has become my go-to bible for delicious recipes.

I’ve put together a little collage of the making process. It looks so simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is, the whole pie is done in three simple steps so it’s a great dessert for any day of the week and any skill level.

key lime pie knead to doughOne thing we did add was a little bit of green food colouring gel to the mixture of double cream, condensed milk and lime juice. The vibrant colour from the fresh limes was being ambushed by the dairy yumminess, but it looked so attractive we couldn’t have that. Make sure you add colouring slowly and stir well between each addition, especially if you’re using the strong gels like we did. You don’t need much to create a great colour. Remember, you can always add a bit more but once it’s in you can’t take it out.

Even though the recipe only calls for 25g of this, I had to mention the Billington’s Demerara sugar that I used.

key lime pie knead to doughThey have such a brilliant range of sugars, especially ones like this that you’ll struggle to find in some supermarkets. I tried them once and was hooked!

key lime pie knead to dough

There you have it, a quick, easy and delicious Key Lime Pie to kick off the new Sweet Tuesdays series. Have you made one of these lately? Prefer a different recipe? I toyed with adding ginger to mine, a ginger nut biscuit base would be delicious. Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear your thoughts!

Don’t forget to stop back on Thursday for the next bread post too!

Lauren x


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Sweet Tuesdays | Key Lime Pie
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