5 of the best ways to improve your cake decorating skills

5 of the best ways to improve your cake decorating skills

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Hobby baker or professional - these are 5 of the BEST ways to improve your cake decorating skills FAST, without spending much at all!
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The wish to improve your cake decorating skills is something that professional and hobby bakers alike often feel strongly. The old adage that practice makes perfect certainly does go a long way when it comes to trying to improve your cake decorating skills, but there are certainly other ways you can speed it up! Expert guidance is invaluable and can make a 30-minute struggle into a 3-minute whizz if you’ve got the right tips and tricks up your sleeve.

So if you’re ready to get better quality finishes and achieve professional results that your family, friends and customers will love, these are five of the best ways to improve your cake decorating skills.



Craftsy is one of the absolute best resources around when it comes to training for bakers. There are so many different baking and decorating classes available at affordable prices. Not only will you find just the course you were looking for, you’ll also be able to enrol and get started right away.

So whether you’ve always wondered how to get better buttercream results, to master air brushing for show-stopping cakes, or where to start when it comes to making fondant frills, there is a class or two for you. Go get one now and start transforming your cakes!

Need more convincing? You can check out how to get sharp edges on buttercream cakes here and my review of Erica O’Brien’s Better Buttercream Craftsy Class in this ultimate guide here.


College courses

It might feel strange to go back to college, but it doesn’t need to be. Many local colleges offer evening courses to students of all ages to improve their baking, whatever their niche and style. A little research should bring up courses covering everything from bread making to cake decorating to the art of French patisserie and desserts.

These tend to be pricier than individual Craftsy classes because there are overheads to cover and the courses tend to last for several weeks or months, but you’ll benefit from having an experienced tutor right by your side every step of the way.


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Decorating workshops

I am a huge fan of these! One-off workshops can help to improve your cake decorating so much. Look up classes in your local area (often your local baking or decorating supply store will run classes or know somewhere that does) and see which take your fancy. I’ve seen classes from introductory to expert level sugarcraft, sugar flower making and novelty cake carving. I took a cake painting class earlier this year and fell in love with the technique and its beautiful results.

For bakers looking to turn their hobby into their profession, I highly recommend taking a class – either in person or on Craftsy – that covers the basics of cutting, levelling, crumb coating and covering a cake to help you get the professional finish and clean lines you want and your customers will love.



Up until now, all the ways to improve your cake decorating have had an investment (although sometimes small) attached. Turn to YouTube for a free way to boost your skills. A quick search will bring you up with many video options to watch, taking you through different baking and decorating techniques. I recommend choosing a few for each to watch if you have the time, that way you can combine all their tips and tricks for the most effortless results.


Facebook Live

A relatively new feature on Facebook, if you’re following any Facebook baking pages or a member of baking Facebook groups, you might well have seen bakers hopping in front of the camera live on Facebook to demo a recipe or decorating technique. Use their guidance and try out the same techniques yourself. If you have any questions, you can always let them know and seek advice in the comments afterwards.

Bonus tip! Add a video, either live or recorded, to your cake business Facebook page of you expertly piping a buttercream swirl or modelling cake toppers to prove how great your skills are! Statistically, videos convert into sales better than text or photos, so it’s well worth a try to build trust with your potential customers and secure more cake sales!


What have you found most helpful to improve your cake decorating skills? What top tips can you share with other bakers?

Let us know in the comments below or in the Cake Business Collective Facebook group (you don’t have to be a pro to join!)

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5 of the best ways to improve your cake decorating skills
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