Hello world!

OR perhaps hello bread would be more appropriate!

I’m Lauren, a twenty year old baker with four years’ experience but only two loaves and one bun out of the oven. Since we are talking about the doughy type, that’s not a lot, especially when compared to the cakes, cupcakes and traybakes I’ve produced. I’ll whip up a coffee and walnut traybake in minutes, but the closest you’ll see me get to bread making is usually a banana loaf. And, let’s face it, the lack of bread flour, salt, or yeast all point to it being a cake in disguise.

With this realisation, and my university summer holiday looming, Knead to Dough was born. Share the journey with me as I find out what I really need to know about bread making. Of course, there will be plenty of cakes and other baked creations thrown in along the way – even a young leopard struggles to change her spots!

And with that in mind, keep your eyes peeled and your mouths watering for my first recipe post coming THIS FRIDAY – HUMMINGBIRD BANANA BREAD! Told you I couldn’t leave cakes behind for long, plus I’m letting myself cheat a little just this once! Baby steps. Let’s see where they lead us!

Lauren x

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Hello world!

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