How to create a brand mood board for your blog or biz [Guest Post]

 How to create a coherent brand mood board for your blog or biz!

A guest post brought to you by Kat, design blogger at The Ardour Creative

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How to create a winning brand moodboard for your blog + biz. Tip! It could make the difference between a success and a flop. You know which one you want - click to read more! Guest post from The Ardour Creative on Knead to Dough

What is your interpretation of a mood board? To me, mood boards can be as wild as you like. They are a place that
you collect and collate anything that you feel represents your concept in both digital and physical

Let me introduce myself. I am Kat, a graphic designer who helps bloggers and entrepreneurs get the professional branding design they deserve. I am the designer who blogs at The Ardour Creative, you may remember me from previous posts here on Knead to Dough.

When you hear the words mood board, what is the very first thing that jumps into your mind? That perfect
and professional mood board that you scrolled past on Pinterest the other day? Or the one you saw on Facebook?

I’ll let you in on a secret: mood boards very rarely start out looking that refined and on point.

The surprising thing about mood boarding is that you’ve probably already started one. You’ve been doing it far longer than you even realised you had.

Whether it’s a Pinterest board full of creative inspiration or that amazing chocolate wrapper that you picked up the other day, it all counts – it is all your inspiration. 

Now is the time to take control of those creative juices and narrow things down to a better representation of your brand.

A successful mood board will have a theme, a flow and a well considered colour palette.

The decisions you make now are going to be around for quite a long time – we hope! This is your opportunity to capture the essence of your professional brand in the long term.

You can find out why this is so important in my most my recent post on investing in professional branding design.

So where should you start with your brand mood board?

I have always thought the best way to look at a mood board is as a collage. This always helps me to remove those constraints that I have in the back of my head.

In this collage designers like me want to see patterns, textures, fashion, interiors – anything that represents your brand.

This is also the point that you want to narrow down your style, it has to be cohesive and representative of the message you are portraying.

My general guidelines are to stay within a six colour palette. This will keep things looking consistent and memorable. Remember, your colour palette is the basis for your branding, but that doesn’t mean you have to use every single colour in every single design. Six colours are far too many for one logo!

A successful mood board will give you a base and a theme which will be the perfect building block to your brand.

A brand mood board is a crucial aspect of a design project and it’s something that will be referred back to time and time again. Nesha of Nesha Designs mentions mood boarding in her recent blog post about her design process – us designers really do value your input and ideas. We want to create designs that perfectly capture your brand and help you to reach your blog + biz goals.

The most important element of a mood board is that it represents you and your brand. If it does then you are totally on track. If not? My advice is to keep going. Once you have your mood board in place it opens the doors to so much more fun and creativity. Once you’ve collecting lots of ideas, you and your designer can work to refine them until we reach your ideal branding and design.

Mood boards don’t have to have an awesome layout but – let’s face it – they are even better if they do! I have designed a set FREE of mood board templates to help you get the ball rolling. To download your free mood board templates, just click here to head over to The Ardour Creative’s FREE resource library! 

The take-away?

The design process should be fun. Creating a brand mood board will help you to enjoy the creative process and help you and your designer work together to create the branding of your dreams for your blog + biz.

Have you got a professional, cohesive brand across your blog, business, and social media?

Happy blogging

Lauren x

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How to create a brand mood board for your blog or biz [Guest Post]
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