5 things your cake website needs to sell cakes

5 things your cake website needs to sell cakes


Whether you’ve joined the bakers already showing off their cake business online, or are still on the fence and haven’t yet got a website, this post is for you. Because, whatever stage you’re at, your cake website won’t be as much help as you want if it isn’t getting you cake orders. That’s why today we’re going to talk through the five surprisingly simple things your cake website needs to sell cakes – hopefully lots of them!

5 things your cake website needs to work well for your business and help you to sell more cakes! Whether you've got one or are starting out, try these tips
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Position yourself

If you want to come across as the best baker in your town and become the go-to cake maker, you need to position yourself accordingly. A high quality, professional looking website will help you do this, especially if you have your own domain name (www.vanillapodbakery.com, for example).

What you put on your website matters though, and nowhere more so than your website home page. This is often the first thing a potential customer will see when they click through to your website, so it needs to pack a persuasive punch that you’re the baker they want!

You can do this by making your niche – the type of cakes or bakers you create – obvious from the outset. ‘Wedding cakes in Cheltenham’ is a great starting point, but if your cakes are even more specialised – for example with sugar craft, details, novelty modelling or flavours – then don’t be afraid to showcase this too.

Positioning your cake business clearly in this way makes it easy for potential customers to see what you make, sending those who wouldn’t find what they wanted away and helping your target customers to feel like they’ve found just the baker for them.


Cake portfolio

Once a potential customer has realised that you make the type of cakes they want, they might need more persuasion that they should trust you to create their cake for them. This is especially true if they haven’t encountered your cake business before or bought from you – you won’t yet be familiar or have a relationship with this potential customer, so you need to build trust and familiarity.

Adding a gallery of your cake portfolio is a great way to do this. Show off the other cakes you’ve created in a dedicated cake gallery and on different website pages. Your potential customers will then be able to see for themselves that what you said on your homepage about the cakes you make is true, so they become more likely to trust you with their own order.

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Rave reviews

Build on this positive perception of your cake business by sharing reviews and testimonials of your previous customers. The people visiting your website will have heard what you have to say and seen the cakes you have put forward, but it’ll be easier for them to trust the reviews of others than of yourself.

Your potential customer can often relate to your previous customers because they want to order a similar cake and their voices will be more authentic as a result. Including testimonials from others gives your cake business more credibility, making potential customers more likely to buy from you.


Contact details

Once you’ve primed your potential customers to want to buy a cake from you by following the steps above, you need to make it easy for them to do just that. Include your contact details clearly on a dedicated website page and at the bottom of your home page too. Include a call to action to get in touch for a quote or to place an order to prompt people into action.

Make sure you check your phone and emails regularly so you don’t miss out and aim to respond to all enquiries promptly. Remember that they haven’t necessarily committed to buying a cake from you yet, they’ve just expressed interest, so you need be as reliable, professional and easy to work with as possible to seal the deal.



A final thing you can add to your cake website to sell more cakes is to add a photograph or, even better, a video of you. Ideally, get one taken of you in the kitchen, in baking mode – although obviously with your kitchen nice and tidy! This can be staged, rather than a real life action shot to make sure you’re giving out a professional image.

Images and videos of you build that relationship with your potential customer even further, because there’s a face to your business which can help to make it appear more reliable. Videos convert even better than photos, so if you can bear to pipe a swirl of buttercream for the camera, do it!

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Some bakers add prices, either set or starting from, to their website. This can help to weed out people who want to pay supermarket prices for your custom cakes, but if your prices vary with each cake, it can be easier to leave them off – it’s entirely up to you. For more help on how to price your cakes, check out this 7-step guide to pricing for profit! 


If you’ve found this post helpful, there’s plenty more action packed, step by step ideas and help inside Cake Business Boom. Join the bakers already reaching more customers with the online, self-paced video course to learn how to market your cake business online, from home, effectively today!

5 things your cake website needs to sell cakes
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