5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business

5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business


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Cake business time management is one of those areas
that takes time to master. Especially in the beginning. To help you get off to a
flying start I have put together 5 Super time Management Tips to Help you

5 super time management tips for your cake business - are you ready to level up your cake baking, decorating and business for the life you want?
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  • Schedule time off

When you are running a cake business you can often
overlook the well being of one very important person. You. You’re a key player in
your enterprise and therefore it is imperative that you take time to put yourself
first. If you were working for someone else you would schedule holiday leave during
the year. So do the same for your cake business. You are in charge of your time
management. At the start of the year block of days, weekends, weeks and even months
for your leave. Then stick to your guns and do not book any cakes in for those

  • Monitor how long each cake takes to

If you are unsure how long each cake takes to
approximately create then it is so easy to book in one too many orders. From now on
take a pen and paper and work out from start to finish how long each order roughly
takes and say goodbye to all night working.

5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business


  • Pre-empt your orders

This is great if you specialise in birthday cakes.
Make a note of your customers birthday. Then use an email service that can
automatically send them a timely reminder stating that they may want to order a
birthday cake from your cake business for their upcoming celebration. You could even
include a special offer.


  • Outsource to help your time management

Make a note of the areas in your business that are
taking up too much of your time. Work out if it would be more cost effective to
outsource these. Think bookkeeping, accounting, social media, marketing, pr and

5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business


  • Say no

Remember you can say no to orders. I know it can be
daunting to say no at first. But if you cram to much in then you run the risk of not
offering the customer service you want to give and creating a poor product. By
saying no you can create a demand for your cake business. People want what they
can’t have.


I hope you have found this post interesting and helpful, for more ideas on
how to boost your cake business take a look at this free guide 7 Steps To Starting Your
Cake Business.
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5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business
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