Cake Business Boom

How would it feel to wake up to new cake order enquiries every day?

How would it feel to have people mentioning your cake business on Facebook to tell their friends how great it is?

How would it feel to be booked out one, three, six months in advance… and still have orders rolling in for after that?

For the same investment as a simpler cake order you will learn how to market your cake business using social media and a website cost effectively online to double, triple, or even quadruple your cake sales. The sky really is the limit with successful cake biz owners in the industry opening their own bricks-and-mortar bakeries, bringing other bakers onto the team, and even franchising across the country.

So many bakers go out of business in their first year.

They're forced to go back to their 9-5 and give up their passion for cakes, or they're working all hours trying to juggle both.

Why? Because they can't find enough customers or they can't find enough customers willing to pay the right prices.

Don't let the same thing happen to you and your cake business. Don't miss out on cake sales or settle for supermarket prices when you don't have to.

Take your word of mouth advertising and make it reach not just one but infinite other potential customers with the right social media and website strategy - I'm going to show you how, what, when and where so it couldn't be easier to make your cake business BOOM!

Cake Business BOOM will teach you everything you need to know AND how to do it all, step by step, to find not just plenty of customers, but plenty of your ideal customers - the ones who are ready to pay premium homemade prices - easily and efficiently using the same online marketing strategies that grew Knead to Dough from scratch, and zero audience, in June 2015 to 34,000 monthly page views in June 2016 and a loyal following of people who love what I do. 

For people to love and buy your cakes, they have to know about them. Enrol in Cake Business BOOM for less than the price of one cake order and make that happen. Make your ideal customers fall in love with your cakes. Make your cake business boom.

Being booked up months ahead and earning a good income from cakes doesn't have to be a distant dream anymore.


As a baker, you know the value of a recommendation and I wouldn't expect you to enrol without some, so here's what other bakers have to say about my cake biz marketing training:

Melissa, owner of Pipedream Celebrations says:
“I’d just like to thank Lauren for providing valuable business feedback and genuine ways to help move my cake blog for Pipedream Celebrations in the right direction. I really appreciate your time and thoughts, thanks again!”

Owner of Love Lane Cakes tweeted:
“Knead to Dough, great live Facebook tutorial on Pinterest, social media, cake business"

Helen Metcalfe, nailed down her cake business niche with my help (and it’s something we cover right at the start of Cake Business Boom):
“Love day one” of the Dream Cake Business Roadmap Challenge (a free training I offered back in July to over 50+ cake bakers!), “thank you for working on this! I’m vegan so all my cakes and bakes are dairy and egg free… my niche will be affordable, mid-market vegan bakes that both look and taste great.”

Baker Shagufta Khan says:
“I found your Pinterest training very insightful. The summary was also good at the end to remind you of what you had learned, but I had a pen and paper ready from the start!”

Lise, owner of Nougatlisa, says:

“I’ve tried a few of your [training] videos and they work great. I’ve also been through the blog and that was very helpful… thank you for all your help.”

Are you ready to transform your cake business, too?