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5 things your cake website needs to work well for your business and help you to sell more cakes! Whether you've got one or are starting out, try these tips

5 things your cake website needs to sell cakes

5 things your cake website needs to sell cakes   Whether you’ve joined the bakers already showing off their cake business online, or are still on the fence and haven’t yet got a website, this post is for you. Because, whatever stage you’re at, your cake website won’t be as much help as you want if it isn’t getting you cake orders. That’s why today we’re going to talk through the five surprisingly simple things…
5 super time management tips for your cake business - are you ready to level up your cake baking, decorating and business for the life you want?

5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business

5 Super Time Management Tips for Your Cake Business   Pia Cato is a cake business mentor who is passionate about helping lovely cake entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses so they can really enjoy the life they want. Pia works mainly on a 1:1 bases but shares lots of great cake business tips and advice on her weekly Make Money With Cakes blog. Keep reading this post for a very special Knead to Dough reader offer!  …
Become the go-to cake lady and be inspired by founder of Twitter #BakersHour, we catch up with Britt Whyatt, the baker extraordinaire behind She Who Bakes

Become the go-to cake lady: an interview with She Who Bakes!

An interview with go-to cake lady: She Who Bakes *This post contains affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I may receive compensation if you make a purchase using one of the affiliate links posted on this site*   This is the first of a series of posts in which we'll be catching up with some of the most influential and exciting bakers out there. They'll be sharing tips and tricks…

8 best Fall baking recipes!

8 best Fall baking recipes! My favourite time of year is here again! The leaves are turning crunchy and covering the world in a blaze of orange; the smell of log smoke is thick in the air; the snuggly blankets are out. And, all of my favourite flavours come out to play in cakes and bakes! Here, I share eight of my favourite Autumn or Fall baking recipes - they're cosy, comforting, and full of…