How to blog like a professional

How to Blog Like a Professional

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When you first enter the world of blogging it can feel like everyone else’s blogs are bigger, better, and more professional than yours.

Once you’ve been going for a while, it can be tough to shake this mindset.

It can be tough to shake the feeling that you’re just pretending to be a serious blogger, even though you are doing everything that a serious blogger does.

I felt like that for a long time. Every time I met a goal – whether it was subscribers, page views, or blog comments – I would find someone bigger and feel like my achievements weren’t real.

If you always compare yourself to other bloggers, you will always feel like you aren’t successful.

There will probably always be competitors in your niche with bigger followings or more viral posts, but that doesn’t mean your contribution and your work is any less important.

It took me a long time to get over this mindset and see my baking blog as successful, growing towards becoming a business. Today I’m going to share with you my 4 top tips to blog like a professional.

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Schedule and set deadlines

One quick way to get you feeling like a professional is to set up an editorial calendar and plan out your content deadlines. There are various apps and tools you can use to do this, but a good old Word document works just as well.

An editorial calendar will make you feel more like a pro blogger for two reasons. Firstly, it allows you to create your content systematically, so that posts build on each other and set you out as an authority in your field.

If you run a cake business and want to target the high-revenue wedding industry, blog about your wedding cake designs, your on-the-day experience, your wedding cake prep checklists etc.

These posts show your readers (and customers!) you know what you’re talking about, making them more likely to come to you to buy their wedding cake.

Secondly, an editorial calendar automatically sets deadlines for when you’ll post. This creates consistency in your blogging – a fundamental aspect of a professional blog – and the deadlines help you to treat your blog like your job. It also helps you to plan ahead and schedule posts in advance – when you hit a busy week with cake orders this can be invaluable!

That doesn’t mean you have to work long hours to meet stressful deadlines – blogging and baking are your routes away from the rat race 9-5. Instead, little targets for each blog post publishing date give you the push to get it done that you might not otherwise get working from home as your own boss.

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Plan time so you produce quality posts

Time planning is essential to blog like a professional. Your editorial calendar is the starting point for this as you can plan your content, baking, and cake biz orders around this (or vice versa).

When working on your blog, make sure you plan enough time to do the job properly. Whether that is allowing time for research, editing, recipe testing, and photography, your blog posts define your baking blog + biz brand.

If you want to be taken seriously and seen as a quality professional cake baker, make sure your content is sending the same message.

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Have a social media presence

Social media can be a brilliant way of marketing your cake blog + biz for free. You don’t have to spread yourself across all social media if you don’t have time. Start with the ones you feel most comfortable with or think will be most useful for your blog + biz and go from there.

Contributing regularly and connecting with other like-minded people and potential customers via social media can help you to blog like a professional. Why? Because it gives you the perfect place to promote your awesome content, cakes, and services.

For cake businesses, word of mouth is often a leading source of new customers. Social media is a virtual version of this same strategy.

Use your chance to connect with other people to show them how great you are, connect with happy customers, and offer help to others. Your online social media presence will build you fans who will then recommend you to others.

Have a designated email address

This is such a simple step but so essential. When asking a customer or fellow blogger to contact you, will you feel more professional using a designated email address for your blog or the old email account you created when you were 16?

I created a free gmail account for Knead to Dough to handle enquiries from brands and other bloggers. Signing up will take you all of 5 minutes, but it’ll make you feel ten times as professional next time an important email comes in.

Depending on where your blog is hosted you might be able to get an email address that uses your domain name  – Knead to Dough is hosted with SiteGround who are cost effective and SO easy for people to work with who don’t like tech.. For Knead to Dough, that would be something like (Note: this address is an example only). Again, it’s a simple and often free (with your hosting plan) way to add a professional finish to your cake blog and biz contact options.


Invest where necessary

As a cake blog + biz owner, you’re already a jack of many trades – you’re a baker, recipe developer, cake decorator, marketer, blogger, and business owner to say the least!

This doesn’t mean you have to learn every single element involved in having a professional blog. Call in help and invest in your business when necessary, for example with branding and graphic design.

For Knead to Dough, I knew that I could create a ton of amazing content but without a quality website design no one would take me seriously or come back.

I turned to The Ardour Creative to create my website and social media headers as well as my blog logo and Pinterest images to help me blog like a professional in terms of the visuals.

For you, that might mean hiring a virtual assistant a few hours a week to schedule your social media or edit your blog posts.

Don’t feel you have to spend money to blog like a professional, but if you’re feeling over stretched or too far out of your comfort zone, enlisting the help of an expert is often well worth the investment.

FREE Resource Library for your Baking Blog and Cake Biz! Packed full of downloadable PDFs, checklists, and guides these resources will up your social media and blogging game to grow your blog or biz - Knead to Dough

What makes you feel like a professional?

Happy blogging

Lauren x

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How to blog like a professional
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