Sweet Tuesdays | Blackberry Bakewell Tart

Fresh blackberries nestled in soft frangipane, all encased in deliciously sweet shortcrust pastry

blackberry bakewell tart

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to autumn so much. Blackberries turning from red to black on the bushes, leaves turning golden, warm fires. So as soon as these lovely berries were ripening in my garden, I was out there collecting them! They also make a really great jam, if anyone is interested!

blackberry bakewell tart

But what to do with them? My Plum & Marzipan Tartlets went down a storm with you all, so I thought I’d bring you a little more pastry and almond magic… this time in the form of a Blackberry Bakewell Tart! I absolutely adore the combination of almond and blackberries, and I hope you will do too. You may have even noticed the flavour combination appearing on this week’s Great British Bake Off, so if you won’t take my word for it, take theirs. My Blackberry Bakewell Tart has a latticed top, so maybe it’s more of a pie, but you can leave it open and give the top a little glaze and it will look just as amazing! Here’s the recipe, I hope you all enjoy it.

blackberry bakewell tart

For the pastry:

50g golden caster sugar
200g plain flour
100g butter, diced
Water as needed

For the frangipane filling:

75g golden caster sugar
75g softened butter
75g ground almonds
1 large egg
As many blackberries as you’d like! If you pick them early in the season, add a little sugar as they haven’t had as long to develop their sweetness

blackberry bakewell tart

  1. To make the pastry, combine the sugar and flour in a bowl. Then add the diced butter and rub in with your finger tips from a small height. This will help to make your pastry light rather than tough, you’ve got to be gentle with it. Wash your hands in cold water before starting to cool them off and stop the butter from melting. Once the mixture resembles bread crumbs, make a well in the middle and add a little water to bring the pastry together into one ball.
  2. Put the pastry in the fridge for at least half an hour and start preheating your fan oven to 180’C. You can also grease and line a tart tin ready for later.
  3. Next, we are going to make the frangipane! Cream together the butter and sugar, before adding the egg and finally folding in the almonds. Voila – who knew it would be so easy!
  4. Take the pastry and divide into two, roughly 2/3 and 1/3. Roll out the larger piece to fit your tin and place inside. Prick the base and pop some baking beads on top before blind baking for about 5 minutes. If you don’t have baking beads, rice on a baking sheet should also work. In the meantime, roll out the other 1/3 and cut into thin strips for the lattice top. Once out of the oven, trim down any excess pastry from the sides. Doing it now rather than before baking means your Blackberry Bakewell Tart won’t struggle with shrinking on the sides.
  5. Pour the frangipane into the case, dot your blackberries on top and then begin to weave your pastry strips over and under each other to create the lattice top. Brush the pastry with milk to help it go golden brown when baking.
  6. Bake for about 30-35 minutes until the pastry is crisp and golden brown. Serve warm with a little clotted cream for extra indulgence and enjoy!

blackberry bakewell tart

I hope you and whoever you share it with enjoy my recipe for a Blackberry Bakewell Tart! I’d love to see how you get on with yours in the comments below or on social media (my links are below).

Happy baking!

Lauren x

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Sweet Tuesdays | Blackberry Bakewell Tart
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