5 ways to market your cake business online

5 simple ways to market your cake business online 

5 simple ways to market your cake business online - advertising your baking biz to get more sales has never been easier. Find out step by step how to easily do it - click here to get the tips and get more cake orders! Knead to Dough

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that for most of you, when you started your cake business, how you would market your cake business – or marketing at all, for that matter – wasn’t top of your to-do list. In all the excitement of starting out, you were probably developing recipes, decorating styles, and busy baking cake orders!

Now you are set up, it is time to start thinking about getting the word out there beyond friends and family on Facebook, so that your cake business really can grow and you can ditch your 9-5 for a full time cake income. I’m going to take you through five easy ways to market your cake business online that don’t have to cost anything but your time so you can have the cake-based lifestyle you want.

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A website

If a friend of a friend of a friend has heard your cake biz mentioned in conversation, chances are all they have to find you with is your business’s name.

When they type it and their location into Google, you want to show up. If you don’t another local cake business might, so not having a website could mean countless customers walk away from your cakes straight into the arms of a competing cake baker.

I highly recommend setting up a website using WordPress, .org is best but you’ll have to pay for a company to host your website, .com is a free version. You can quickly install a theme and be ready to go, so it doesn’t require much tech knowledge at all! WordPress is also renowned for ranking well with Google which is exactly what you’re after.



There are millions of users on Twitter – including some of your ideal customers. You can use Twitter hours to make yourself visible in your niche – both for baking and your local area.

Having a presence on Twitter is another way for people to find you and your business. It also means they can find out more about you than just your name. They can see the tweets you share about your business, which you can use to show off your skills and persuade them to choose you for their cake orders.

Twitter is very interactive, so if someone retweets, likes, or replies to your tweet, reach out and chat with them. Building personal relationships builds the trust factor between you and your potential customer, something which is essential in growing a thriving cake business.

For more on Twitter, try my 5 things every baker should be doing on Twitter.

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Facebook is a gem of a way to market your cake business online very easily. Join local groups for buying and selling, small businesses, and also any that apply to your ideal customer such as mum groups, event planning etc.

You can share your cake creations, reviews, and availability in these groups so people know your biz is there and what they can expect from you. Doing this makes you really easy to find and contact – if you’re the easy option to order from and they’ve already seen your amazing cakes, it’s as close to a done deal as you can get. Just make sure you follow the rules set out for the group (sometimes they don’t allow promotion everyday, just on set days, for example).

Don’t forget to interact! If people post about upcoming events, parties, celebrations, or birthdays – offer your cake services! Get involved, promote yourself, and get the orders rolling in!



It might be a less obvious choice, but you can definitely market your cake business online using Pinterest.

People often scroll through Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration of the visual kind. For this reason, Pinterest’s visual search engine works beautifully for cake businesses.

Share photos of your cake portfolio, linked back to your website, and include the type of cake they are in the description as well as your cake business name and that you are taking orders in your area. People who are looking for a rainbow cake can then see yours in the search, click through to your website, with the aim of them either sharing your website on social media or if they’re local placing a cake order.

Read more with my 7-step guide to successful pins and the 5 things every baker should be doing on Pinterest. 


Advertise on local websites

When it comes to print advertising, you’ve probably already got business cards or flyers printed to pass out at school fetes or local events. My question to you is why aren’t you doing the online equivalent, too? Find the websites for your local community, schools, activity groups, event planners, birthday party hire – anywhere your ideal customer might be visiting – and ask if you can advertise on their website.

This could be done for free in an exchange of services – their online platform in exchange for you supplying cakes to their next fundraiser, event, occasion etc. If this isn’t possible, then enquire about their prices. If it fits your budget and they get enough page views to justify the price, try it out for a few weeks or month. Ask your customers how they found you – if people are coming through from the website you’re advertising on, then you can renew your advert. If it’s not paying off, move on and try another local related website.

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Where can your cake business be found online? What action are you going to take?

Lauren x

5 ways to market your cake business online
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