5 ways to create content your audience will love (and share!)


5 Ways to Create Content Your Audience Will Love (And Share!)

5 ways to create content your audience + customers will LOVE and SHARE! Sharing via social media is great word-of-mouth advertising and social proof that your cakes are the best in town. Here are 5 ways to create the content (blog posts, images, status updates) that your customers will share to grow your cake business! Click the link to find out how on Knead to Dough

You know the feeling when you hit post on a new blog post, release it into the big wide world, and cross your fingers it doesn’t tank?

I know it too. That was definitely how I felt for my first few blog posts.

Then I changed my strategy.

Publishing blog posts doesn’t need to feel like a plunge into the unknown. There are actually ways you can almost guarantee your success. I’m going to share with you 5 easy ways to create content you know your audience will love.

If your audience love your content, they are more likely to share it with their friends, so even more people can then fall in love with your content too. More views leads to a more successful blog or more customers for your cake biz – win!

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Research in Facebook groups

I only started using this strategy on Knead to Dough in January 2016. By March my traffic had grown by an enormous 68% and Facebook was my biggest referrer for the month. The results can be incredible for your blog.

So you’re probably thinking there’s some super technical method behind this success? I’ve got some good news. There’s not.

All you have to do is this. Find 5-10 active Facebook groups within your niche where your ideal reader spends a lot of time.

Make sure you’re careful about which groups you pick. As a baking blogger, it would be easy to pick baking blogger Facebook groups, but unless they are who your ideal reader is, that is a mistake. If you’re writing for home bakers, you need to pick groups where they are instead.

Once you’ve found these groups, browse through the posts and see what questions members are asking. Use these as inspiration for your next few blog posts by creating content that solves their problem. You can also post in the group yourself asking what your ideal reader is struggling with. I recently did this and gained 10 blog post ideas for one minute’s work writing the post – a great result for your work/life balance.

Your readers will love these posts because they are written specifically for them, answering their questions and responding to their needs.

Even better, once they’ve seen how useful it is they’re more likely to share it with their friends to help them too, getting your content even more traffic and exposure, not to mention great social proof.


Check out other popular posts

Another way to find out what questions your ideal reader needs answering is to look at other blog posts. You can use your own blog posts and those of other bloggers within your niche who appeal to a similar audience.

See what questions are being raised in the comments. What discussions are generated? How can you answer these questions in blog posts or develop the discussion further?

Writing blog posts based on this research again ensures you are writing specifically for your ideal reader. As a result, when they read your post they find valuable advice that meets their needs perfectly and makes them feel at home on your blog. They’ll be more likely to read your other blog posts, subscribe, and share because of this.


Look for highly searched topics

If a topic gets a lot of searches on search engines like Google, you know it’s a topic that people are interested in and want help with.

Use Google to find out what search terms are used most often in combination with words that relate to your niche and base your content around this.

Don’t forget Pinterest, either. Pinterest is often called a visual search engine. When you type a search into the Pinterest search bar, results containing those key words show up. Similar key words that show up regularly in other related searches also show up.

You can use these keywords just like you would with popular Google search terms to work out what topics are popular in your niche and being searched often.

Write detailed, valuable content on these topics and you know you are answering your ideal reader’s needs. You’ll also create the opportunity to show up in more searches and find new readers who are looking for exactly the kind of content you create and share.


What’s trending on social media?

This is a similar strategy to looking at highly searched terms because it is based on popularity.

Check regularly to see whether any topics in your niche are trending on social media. If they are, take advantage of it!

Create content about these topics to engage in the discussion. Make sure you share it social media so that your potential readers who are interested in your niche can find it and share it.


Make sharing easy

Using the four strategies above means you are consistently creating valuable content for your ideal reader, growing your following and engagement as a result.

A big part of engagement is sharing. When your readers find your post that helps them out, they are much more likely to want to share it so other people can benefit from it too.

The thing is, they will only do it if it is easy to do.

If it’s tricky or not immediately obvious how to share your blog post, they probably won’t spend five minutes trying to find out.

They will give up and you will lose a valuable opportunity for your content to go viral.

To make sure your content is easy to share, install sharing buttons in an obvious position for each blog post. It can also be helpful to install the ‘Pin it’ button to your blog so that if a reader hovers over an image, the ‘Pin it’ button shows up and they can easily share it on Pinterest.

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Tip! Fill in your image ALT text with a keyword-rich description of your blog post and a call to action to read your blog post. This will automatically show up in the Pin description when people pin from your site.


Put these 5 strategies to work on your blog and you’ll soon be creating content that your readers love and share. Even better, you’ll gain more return readers and subscribers by consistently providing them with valuable posts that they want to read.

If you’ve found this post helpful, you can sign up for my FREE Resource Library by clicking here which will help you use blogging + social media to supercharge your cake blog or biz.

What posts do your readers love best? How do you choose what to write about?

Happy blogging

Lauren x

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5 ways to create content your audience will love (and share!)
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