5 ways to advertise your cake business

5 ways to advertise your cake business

5 ways to advertise your cake business to grow your biz and sell more cakes! Find out how on Knead to Dough and help your baking business to boom!

Your dream of running a cake business is finally a reality, hooray! You earn a living doing what you love and doing it well. You’re a bonafide cake baker and decorator, whether you’re offering wedding, novelty, wholesale, patisserie or any other bake!

The only downside?

The business part. If only you could have the cake sales without the business tasks that come with them, right? You’re a baker, not a marketer, sales person, blogger, social media manager or accountant.

That’s where this post comes in to help. If you don’t already know me, I’m experience in blogging and social media and work as a journalist, online and in a national print magazine. I learned about advertising first hand for Knead to Dough AND from the inside at the magazine, so I can break down your options in easy to follow terms and keep things realistic, which is what these 5 ways to advertise your cake business is about to do!

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  1. Magazines


An obvious first choice, considering my background, but magazines are a great place to advertise your cake business. You have a range of options, from regional magazines to the ones on the national newsstand and even their websites. There are three essential elements to advertise effectively, and one of them could even get it you for free!

First, you need the bare bones of a good advert. Whatever shape this comes in, you’ll need high quality photographs of your bakes, your name and website or contact clearly displayed and – ideally – a catchy slogan that defines your USP.

Second, you need to choose what kind of advert you want. Do you want a whole page, half or quarter? Do you want it in print or on the magazine website, or both? Do you want the magazine to send out an email newsletter promoting you? Here’s an insider’s secret for you. Many magazines need high quality images to use for their features. Could you offer a magazine relevant to your ideal customer your cake images to use, alongside a credit to your cake business and contact details.

Third, you need to make sure your adverts in magazines are carefully targeted. Being a baker doesn’t mean you need to choose a baking magazine, unless other bakers are your ideal customer – say, if you sell cake tutorials for example. If you sell wedding cakes, target bridal magazines, if you’re local and offer celebration cakes, pick your local newspaper, town magazine or a regional publication your ideal customer is likely to pick up to read.


  1. School newsletters and local news boards


For many cake businesses, local people and busy families are the ideal client as they offer many different opportunities to sell celebration or occasion cakes – birthdays, christenings, Christmas, the list goes on… Don’t dismiss the value of local advertising. Getting a regular spot on the school website or newsletter or town notice boards will familiarise people with your business, making them more likely to order from you in future. They won’t need to search out your competition, because you are easily reachable for them.


  1. Social media


You hear me mention social media a lot – in fact, I have a whole section of Knead to Dough dedicated to social media tips specifically for your cake biz. Why? Because most of the time it is free to use, has a potentially huge reach and can be done in less than one hour per week, making it super time efficient.

Start with a Facebook page for your cake business and invite all your family and friends to like it. Share photos and encourage people close to you to share your posts, extending your reach and your following with more potential customers. Post your last-minute deals, testimonials and cake portfolio to showcase the brilliance of your business and social proof from your happy customers. You’re providing the people who see and have liked your page with reasons to choose you every time you post, so tailor your posts to your ideal client and show your best side.

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  1. Blogging


Blogging is another low cost way to advertise your cake business and, just like social media, it has a whole section on Knead to Dough – it’s that significant for growing your cake biz :).

Posting regular blog posts about your business – think your cake portfolio, bakes of the week, special offers, testimonials, behind the scenes pictures from your kitchen. Again, these will help convince people who visit your website that you are the right cake business to buy from.

The bonus of blogging is that Google privileges websites that publish regular quality content. By sharing even just one blog post per week, you can improve your Google ranking so when a potential customer types in your business name to find you and order from you, they don’t get distracted by someone else’s site listed first and buy their cake there instead!

  1. Team up with others in your industry


Work together to cross-promote each other as long as you are not in direct competition. This can work from cake business to cake business, if you only offer cupcakes but a client approaches you for a three-tier wedding cake, send them to your wedding cake baker friend. When they have someone asking for a birthday cake, they can return the favour. Make sure you only cross-promote cake businesses in a different niche to you – you don’t want to give your potential customers away!

You can also work with others in your wider industry, for example party planners, venues, photographers, magicians, entertainers etc. to offer each other bundle services, sharing your customer bases.

FREE Resource Library for your Baking Blog and Cake Biz! Packed full of downloadable PDFs, checklists, and guides these resources will up your social media and blogging game to grow your blog or biz - Knead to Dough

So there you have 5 ways to advertise your cake business, both traditionally in print and online. Choose one and put it into practice this week. Record your results over the next month and let me know how it goes! I love hearing your success stories! 🙂

Lauren x

5 ways to advertise your cake business
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