17 ideas for your cake business social media

17 ideas for your cake business social media

17 ideas for your cake business social media to grow your cake business with new customers and new orders using easy online marketing! Click to find out and grow your cake business with Knead to Dough!
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You’re hearing left right and centre that online or digital marketing is a must these days for any small business, including your home cake business – so you’ve created a few profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, added a photo or two, maybe even added your website…

Now what?

For most bakers, knowing what to post on their cake business social media, i.e. social media marketing isn’t something you’ve done a lot of (or even dabbled with at all!) so it can seem daunting to start out and know what to post.

Having spent the last year growing my baking and business website to 32,000+ page views per month with 2,000+ social media followers, I’ve had plenty of time to see what works and what doesn’t for Knead to Dough. Based on what I’ve found, here are 17 ideas for what you can post on your own cake business

social media to grow your cake businesses! Keep an eye on what’s getting the most engagement (likes, comments, retweets, shares etc) and what is getting the most clicks through to your website – these are the types of post that work best for you.

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Sweeten Up Your Social Media E-Guide - social media for cake businesses. Master Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube marketing in 5 easy steps with this FREE e-guide designed for your cake business or baking blog! Click to nab your free copy + boost your cake biz! Knead to Dough

  1. Cake photos

Whether you’re developing a new recipe (and it looks good) or have just sent another cake out the door with a happy customer, share these fantastic photos to show just how great your cakes are!

  1. Testimonials

Sharing testimonials goes hand in hand with sharing cake photos. They support the visual appeal of your bakes with social proof that other people love them, helping potential customers to think that they will love them too!

  1. Special offers

Have you just returned from an exhibition, market or fair with a few extra cakes leftover? As long as they’re still fresh and lovely, share a special offer for the remaining cakes with a call to action to buy them now. Likewise, share any offers running with usual purchases, for example free cupcakes with a custom cake. Hint: you could also send them to your cake email list!

  1. What you are baking today

Sharing an insight into your baking life will help people to see the real person behind the cakes, making you more relatable, building a relationship and – importantly – potentially building trust. We buy from people we trust!

  1. Local Twitter hours

Participate in your local Twitter hour to network with others in your community, including other businesses like event venues, party planners, photographers etc who could recommend you or work with you.

  1. Baking hours

Be present and friendly in #BakersHour, #CupcakeHour and #CakeClubHour to name a few – you’ll meet other bakers, get feedback on your bakes and even some helpful cake and business advice!

  1. Bride and groom photos

If you work in the wedding cake industry, showing photos of the cake with their bride and groom – for example when the cake is cut – will help other brides-and-grooms-to-be to see the happiness your specific cakes brought and make them want the same!

  1. Keyword content for Pinterest

When pinning images to Pinterest, make sure you fill out the image description with the keywords you want your Pinterest images and account to show up for.

  1. Relevant hashtags for Instagram

Each time you post a photo to Instagram, comment on the photo with relevant hashtags. These could include things like #instabake, #instayum or #baker to name a few. If you need help creating one cohesive brand and theme for your cake Instagram, check out this step-by-step example and you’ll be nailing it in no time!

  1. Background about you baking

If you’ve just hit your tenth year of baking, passed a new decorating course, or re-discovered your gran’s old and awesome recipe – share it on social media! This will help make you more personable, show off your skills and build a relationship with potential customers.

  1. Local buy and sell Facebook groups

Share your cake business in local buy and sell Facebook groups to pick up last minute orders, connect with customers or sell leftover but still lovely bakes after a market. Just make sure you follow the group rules. More on how to sell your cakes using Facebook over here!

  1. Links to your website

Your social media needs to send people to your website where they can order from you, not be a dead end – so make sure you’re sharing links to your website that people will want to click on regularly. And if you’re not sure what your website needs, these five simple things are a great starting point.

  1. A freebie to get people to join your email list

You’ll see my Sweeten Up Your Social Media E-Guide tweet is pinned to the top of my Twitter – because I want as many visitors to my Twitter account as possible to see it, click it and sign up to my mailing list to get the guide. I can then send emails to them marketing my business – yippee!

  1. Link to your blog posts

Blogging is a form of content marketing. Share links to your blog posts which can act as a form of marketing for your cake business when done correctly, showing off your skills, expertise, amazing cakes and rave reviews. Stuck for ideas? I’ve put together 7 blog post ideas for your cake business right here, so grab them!

  1. Network

Social media was built for interaction, so be part of the conversation! Chat to other bakers, cake topper suppliers, icing suppliers, venues, party planners, event co-ordinators etc – you never know where different contacts might lead!

  1. Promote your pillar content

Your pillar content is the content shared on your cake website or blog that bring people to your site over and over again. Regularly share posts that don’t go out of date like your cake portfolio or testimonials.

  1. Make your success shareable

Make sure you have social media sharing buttons clearly displayed on your website and on each blog post so that when people like what they see, they can easily share it with their husband-to-be, friend who needs a cake etc.

Don’t forget to grab your free social media for cake business guide here!

Sweeten Up Your Social Media E-Guide - social media for cake businesses. Master Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube marketing in 5 easy steps with this FREE e-guide designed for your cake business or baking blog! Click to nab your free copy + boost your cake biz! Knead to Dough


And if you’re really ready to take your cake business marketing to the next level (even if you’re starting from scratch) then I urge you to consider joining Cake Business Boom. It’s an online, self-paced, video course full of actionable tips and ideas to market your cake business from home, online and almost always for nothing! You can find out more right here.


What will you post on your cake business social media next?

17 ideas for your cake business social media
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